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Resources & Affiliates.

mixologies; pictorialize; ht_photography; ad_dictive; runwaym; fakingfashion; fashion_screen

If you asked to be an affiliate but are not listed here, it's probably because you either deleted your community/journal, or because your list of affiliates is not easily accessible or it does not even exist. When we open up offers for affiliates again, simply comment with the intention of actually adding us to your affiliates list, and you'll be good to go! Thanks :]

1. gaffe
2. epinettes
3. pictorialize
4. streetstyles
5. lapiccola
6. naketicons
7. ooohboy
8. monpetitjambon
9. glass_dollie
10. behatiprinsloo
11. julia_dunstall
12. pop_vendetta
13. renowncharm
14. staticbeat
15. heiressgraphics
16. give_me_fashion
17. electriqueicons
18. eclipse_icons
19. any_icon_at_all

We are currently not accepting anymore affiliates. Thanks!
gilda girl

Spring Cleaning & Promotions

I'm in the process of doing some early spring cleaning. Bear with me if the community looks a little messy at all over the course of the next week or so. I plan on re-vamping, re-organizing & re-posting some old entries in attempts to have easy access to them on this username rather than my old one. Also, here is a place where I'd love to hear from you! I think all of us here at Trashion, etc. would love to be as popular as the incredible ZINK was, or as our lovely affiliate GAFFE (who made this layout! plug, plug!) is. What can we do to appeal to you guys? And please promote, promote, promote!

With that said:

A huge thank you to Fara (___taintedheart) for these!
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Rules, etc.

1. Crediting is not an option. You must credit trashion_etc
& not the mods, ___telescopes, akileija, ditzicow, ___taintedheart or typewriter_duet.

2. Comment when you take an icon (with the number above the icon).
3. Do not hotlink, or else our icons will disappear & no one wants that, now do they!?
4. Do not modify any of our icons.
5. Do not redistribute! (That would be reposting these icons on other journal sites, myspaces, etc.)

For banners & buttons, click here!

Once we figure out some frequently asked questions, we'll post them here.